Pacific University Tran Library Renovation | Forest Grove, OR2019-06-06T22:02:20+00:00
Beaverton School District Ridgewood Elementary School | Beaverton, OR2018-12-20T20:28:14+00:00
Beaverton School District Auditorium Upgrades | Beaverton, OR2018-12-19T03:27:38+00:00
HSD Mooberry Elementary School Renovation & Gym Addition | Hillsboro, OR2020-07-27T21:37:11+00:00
Hillsboro School District Reedville Elementary School | Hillsboro, OR2019-01-28T17:29:06+00:00
Pacific University Athletic Training Center TI | Hillsboro, OR2018-11-21T20:07:55+00:00
BSD Aloha High School Locker Room Remodel | Aloha, OR2018-12-04T18:33:03+00:00
OHSU School of Nursing Auditorium Renovation | Portland, OR2018-12-19T03:33:43+00:00
Aloha Community Library | Aloha, OR2018-12-04T18:26:53+00:00
Case Study: PCC SE Campus Library & Learning Commons | Portland, OR2018-12-19T03:36:11+00:00
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