Project Description

The Tuality Healthcare Hospital entrance features a large aerial installation spanning the ceiling of the main entrance into the reception and lobby areas. Local artist, Tyler Stuart, teamed with Arthouse LLC to create the piece which was designed to welcome hospital attendees into the building and complement the architecture while reaching across cultures and demographics to create a universal sense of comfort, happiness, and healing to all who enter. Using contemporary industrial building materials such as aluminum channel and open-cell panels, the team wanted to bring a large-scale flowing form of color through the sharp angles and grid lines that made up the existing building. Starting from the main entrance, the piece attaches just above the front doors, guiding attention to the walls, ceiling, beams, skylights, and windows as it works its way towards the front desk. By segmenting the panels, they could emphasize movement through the varied negative space between each panel and allow both the natural light from the skylights and the ceiling lights to flicker and cast color and shadows across the interior surfaces. Depending on the time of day one enters the building, a variety of shadows and color is cast upon the walls as the light source changes throughout the day.

Physically the two ribbons converge and weave together as one behind the front desk, referencing the similarity and uniqueness of individuals’ fluid paths yet converging together to form one strong and precise structure, a reference to the strength and brilliance achieved through collaboration and community. Although the piece required many months of planning, design, and fabrication, the installation was done in only a couple of evenings. Both ribbons were constructed in their entirety off-site, segmented into modular sections, and re-assembled in the hospital.