Project Description

The OHSU ED project was a (2) phase renovation of an active Emergency Department. During the first phase, OHSU entrusted us with the renovation of (4) Level One primary Trauma Rooms and (10) Acute Care Exam Rooms while keeping the Emergency Department fully functional and operating. We compacted our work schedule so that no more than (1) Trauma Room was down at a time and built hard partitions to minimize our impact to their operations. The second phase brought the reconstruction of the corridors, (10) Observation Rooms, Radiology, (2) Nurse Stations and all staff support areas while the ED remained operational.

“Regarding the evacuation that occurred in the ED, INLINE played a key role in ensuring our patient and staff safety. In order to evacuate the patients from the front half of the department, staff had to bring patients through the construction area, which was a part of our emergency plans. INLINE had kept the construction area very clean and organized which was critical in ensuring a safe and orderly evacuation on such short notice.

I want to thank INLINE for doing their part in helping to ensure a safe environment of care for our patients and staff during the construction project.”

Karen Hilts
Fire Code Specialist Industrial Hygienist
Environmental Health and Radiation Safety