Multnomah County Central Library | Portland, OR

Project Description

This project includes the addition of new exterior terraces on either side of the main entrance of Multnomah County’s Central Library.   Each side of the terrace would consist of approximately 530-630 square feet of new occupiable area.  A new egress path from the meeting room exit door to the north terrace will be added at the north elevation. The existing non-ADA compliant ramp (built in 1982) would also be removed and replaced with a fully accessible sloped walkway.

Project goals include creating opportunities for active uses and Library programming, providing an ADA access route to this important public building, and providing a safer path of egress for an existing exit on the north façade of the building as well as a future exit on the south façade.  The design intent is to seamlessly integrate the terrace and landscape design with the historic building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Gravel trenches with perforated drain pipes will also be added behind the historic balustrade to help prevent further damage to the stone.

Photos Courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society