Project Description

Hillsboro School District hired INLINE to renovate Mooberry Elementary School. The 43,500 SF school underwent construction involving roofing, seismic upgrades, HVAC upgrades, and domestic water pipe replacement. The project also involved removal of the outdated portable classrooms and construction of new modular classrooms in their place. A large aspect of the project was a new 10,000 SF gymnasium with working restrooms and offices.

On June 4th, INLINE invited students at the Hillsboro School District Mooberry Elementary School to see a live demonstration of our crews at work. The students watched a water truck and excavator while they donned the appropriate PPE for the jobsite. Our team is always excited to have the opportunity to show younger generations how fun construction can be!

INLINE completed the interior renovations in the main school and the modular classrooms prior to the beginning of the school year and recently finished the gymnasium and new playground in April 2020.