OHSU School of Nursing Auditorium Renovation | Portland, OR2018-12-19T03:33:43+00:00
Case Study: Vernier Software & Technology Office | Beaverton, OR2018-12-19T03:45:10+00:00
OHSU KPV Summit Cafe Remodel | Portland, OR2018-11-29T18:53:31+00:00
Aloha Community Library | Aloha, OR2018-12-04T18:26:53+00:00
Annastasia Salon | Portland, OR2019-02-14T19:21:09+00:00
Case Study: PCC SE Campus Library & Learning Commons | Portland, OR2018-12-19T03:36:11+00:00
Portland Public Schools Astor Roof | Portland, OR2019-02-07T02:01:33+00:00
KeyBank Bainbridge | Bainbridge Island, WA2018-11-21T20:20:26+00:00
Tuality Community Hospital Entrance Art | Hillsboro, OR2018-11-21T20:22:13+00:00
Hillside Pub | Beaverton, OR2018-12-19T02:50:00+00:00
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