BSD Aloha High School Locker Room Remodel | Aloha, OR



Aloha High School Locker Room Remodel

The Aloha Locker Rooms Remodel was a large interior renovation to the existing locker rooms and adjacent areas. The total space remodeled was over 18,240 SF. The new locker rooms were an upgrade to both the girls and boys locker rooms, coach offices, multiple team rooms, conference rooms and hallways.

The locker rooms were demolished and rebuilt to conform to higher standards that were passed throughout the state. Work included laying a new concrete slab, framing walls and connecting the new sewer line to the existing.

Our superintendent scoped the existing sewer line further than what was required and found that the existing line was in poor condition. Repairs were made and ended up saving the district thousands in potential damages.

This was a phased, occupied project that could have proved difficult but was a positive experience for all involved. We found INLINE to be responsive, cooperative, adaptive to unforeseen complications and proactive in helping to resolve issues. INLINE is well qualified and a team player in delivering a successful project. From concept to closeout the INLINE team was a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased with the final project.

~ Aloha High School Facility Team