Through our commitment, employee training and the implementation of enforceable standards, INLINE has created a Safety and Health Program to ensure that all employees are aware of and embrace their roles and responsibilities. Rather than simply focusing on meeting minimum standards, we have prepared a comprehensive program designed to identify and correct potential hazards before they result in damage or personal injury.


Cultural Commitment & Passion: INLINE has committed employees and outside safety consultants to continually improve our Safety and Health Program and onsite enforcement. These positions seek constant feedback from all levels within our organization to improve and enhance our procedures, methods and training practices. Our employees are committed to executing our projects with the utmost safety, quality and passion.

Procedures & Training: We take a proactive approach in ensuring our employees participate in continuing education and training through industry leading organizations such as the Associated General Contractors (AGC), Columbia River Healthcare Engineers Association (CRHEA), the Oregon Society of Healthcare Engineers (OSHE) and the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE). Employees and subcontractors are required to perform inspections of tools, equipment and personal protective gear to ensure that all workers on our jobsites are furnished with adequate safeguards and personal protective equipment.

Innovation & Knowledge Management: Our safety committee meets frequently to recommend various initiatives to improve jobsite safety to levels that exceed industry standards. As procedures, forms and standards evolve, these advances are communicated back to the company through various modes of media to efficiently reach every employee.

Recognition & Empowerment: All employees are equipped with the tools to document, inspect, acknowledge and reward correct jobsite actions. These results are stored and shared to keep employees at all levels informed and involved in the safety process. INLINE’s comprehensive program demonstrates the company’s commitment to construction safety and continuous improvement.


INLINE was recently awarded the AGC PRIDE Safety Award in 2017. INLINE also received first place for the AGC Recognition of Safety Excellence (ROSE) Award for General Contractor in 2011 & 2013 and placed second in the 2013 National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA).

Safety Manager

Daniel Gardner is INLINE’s Safety Manager. Daniel is in charge of visiting project sites and ensuring everyone on the jobsite is acting in a safe manner, using tools that are up to code and all safety and health hazards are reported and eliminated.

Daniel Gardner_cTo contact Daniel regarding any safety concerns please call or email at:
(503) 642-5117